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Northern California Tour -San Francisco

We're on the road! We left Los Angeles yesterday to "tour" with Made in L.A. in Northern California.

The drive to San Francisco was extremely beautiful -I remember the road being dry and boring, but it is now March and the fields were so green that I felt we were traveling through Scotland! :) And, of course, all the fruit trees in the agricultural valleys of central California are in full blossom, which makes for an amazingly beautiful and colorful journey!

We drove straight from L.A. to the Brava Theater in San Francisco, in the heart of the Mission district. Charlotte von Hemert, from the International Latino Film Society, which had organized this screening, let us stop by her apartment where we changed and dashed over to the theater around the corner. The Brava is a gorgeous renovated art deco theater, and even the organizers were surprised at the turn out! More than 150 people were there, and it was one of the screenings where people laughed the most! When you make a film you know that some parts are kind of funny, and that some parts are kind of sad, but until you put it out there you don't know how different audiences will react to it. It's incredibly beautiful to see people so engaged and reacting to the film in such a way. The Q&A was varied, but we had a very nice conversation about ways of organizing and about how the organizing methods shown in Made in L.A. could be applied to day-laborers and to workers in other industries.

Afterwards, about 30 people from the screening went for drinks in the neighborhood filmmakers, organizers, friends, etc and had a great time. We got to the hotel at 2am!

Afterwards at drinks: Annelise Wunderlich, our wonderful Production Manager at ITVS,
Robert, Almudena and Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, fellow filmmaker from
NALIP's Latino Producers Academy and Director of ITVS-funded "Going on 13"

(This event was sponsored by the International Latino Film Society, with Global Exchange, Active Voice, Instituto Laboral de la Raza, and California Newsreel)



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