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Bad week for immigration reform -call for action!

"This was not a good week for immigration reform", reports La OpiniĆ³n. "The Obama Administration continues adding to the domestic pressure by handing down more controversial decisions ...The Department of Homeland Security expanded the 287(g) Program so that there are 11 more localities in the country where police will help capture and remove individuals that are considered "dangerous criminal aliens." The problem is that the new agreement doesn't guarantee an end to the abuses committed in violation of the federal guidelines by local police and sheriffs when they arrest peaceful laborers instead".

At the same time, Congress is passing "measures that continues the piecemeal approach to immigration policy and puts comprehensive reform at further risk by taking away important issues that could be used in the negotiations for a just and fair reform." (read the full article here)

The Reform Immigration for America Campaign is calling for action: "This week, we need to make sure that Senators hear directly from you. What the nation needs is a comprehensive immigration reform to fix our broken immigration system. Sideshow amendments like the ones added to the Senate Homeland Security appropriations bill are distractions and potential obstacles to real solutions that the vast majority of Americans are calling for. The Campaign sent out targeted alerts both for Senators who voted conscientiously, and for Senators who chose bad politics over good immigration policy."

Because Made in L.A. portrays the struggle of many undocumented workers, a humane immigration reform is one of the key actions we hope the film helps spark. We're following closely all the developments of this important legislation so that millions of people in this country, like the women in the film, can live their lives with dignity in this country. Take action now! Send a fax to Congress in support of a comprehensive immigration reform!



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